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Google Calendar saved my marriage.


The ability to easily shared calendar data has redefined how people manage time, set meetings, and remember each other's birthdays! When calendaring software isn't all the special, Google Calendar allows anyone, anywhere, at anytime to access and edit times and dates (as long as you give them permission!).

Key Google Calendar Features Demo
  1. Easy to add and edit items
  2. Ability to share calendars (view only and edit)
  3. Have your calendar on multiple devices and platforms
  4. Reminders for events!
  5. Send invites and track RSVPs
Uses in Schools
  1. Schedule meetings, including who is going to attend
  2. Check availability of people
  3. Publish events on school or district websites
Labs (Add ons)
  1. Event attachments - add Google Doc or other attachments to an event (agendas, etc.)
  2. Next meeting
Practice (If needed)
  1. Create a new calendar
  2. Add an event and edit it
  3. Share a calendar
  4. Invite someone to a meeting