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Why Gmail is better than Novell.

  1. Space - You have any almost unlimited amount of space for email - including attachments. Archive your email instead of deleting it!

  2. Searchable - The search in Gmail is powered by Google! Enough said.

  3. Labels / Folders - Instead of traditional folders, Gmail lets you tag each email before you archive it for easy reference. Plus, you can put multiple tags on it.

  4. Conversation View - Emails that stem from an initial message are grouped together instead of being listed separately.

Beyond the Basics
  • Conversation view
  • Signature / Insert before quoted text
  • Vacation responder
  • Filters
  • Configure inbox
  • Creating contact lists
Key Labs
  1. Canned Responses - Save and send messages that require the same response.
  2. Custom keyboard shortcuts
  3. Undi send - You have 30 seconds to take it back!
  4. Multiple inboxes
  5. Send and archive
Practice (If needed)
  • Create a label (Create at least one nested label)
  • Create an email filter
  • Explore "contacts"
    • Merge duplicate records
  • Explore "inbox" views
  • Explore "General Settings" tab
    • Update your signature
    • Turn conversation on/off
    • Locate vacation response
  • Explore Gmail Labs