Session 1- Google Classroom

Google Classroom was designed to integrate with 
Google Apps for Education to help teachers save time,  
stay organized and improve communication. Come 
and experience how Google Classroom can help you 
distribute, collect and organize work in a Google Apps 
learning environment.

Overview WorkFlow

Post and Comment, Comment only, None
Mute a Student

Due Date (Include Time: Great for an in class Quiz)
Add from drive, file, youtube or link to any website

Assignment Settings: students make a copy or make a copy for each student
Students see assignment in classroom and type right on the doc.

Create and assignment without a doc
Student can create, and it shares it with the teacher.

Viewing Upcoming Assignments:
Teacher can set multiple assignments over a period of time.
Next three will be listed in upcoming assignments. Also viewable on homepage.  

Students can click view all  to see ALL assignments
Students will see what's due vs. what's done

Student submissions are organized in Docs

Students turn in on the doc or in classroom

Permissions shift upon submission
View who has turned in - in real time
Review work and provide feedback - on the doc and/or in classroom

On the About Page

Create a link to class materials - keep this separate from the your teacher materials folder.
Create a link to a calendar

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