Session 2 - Google Hangouts – Room R5

Description: This session will open participants to the world of online collaboration! Google Hangouts integrates directly into Gmail and Google Calendar to offer teachers both instant messaging for any number of collaborators as well as video conferencing for up to 15 educators per Hangout! This session will focus first on launching Hangouts, followed by exploring many Hangout collaborative tools, such as integrating on screen Google Docs, screen-sharing and more.


    • This is where Hangouts originated.
    • Schedule a Hangout - Send an invite.

Let's Get Started

Google Hangouts Workflow Overview

Search for a person using the search bar
- Launch Instant Message Window

Add people to the hangout...
- This group hangout can persist
- Add the Hangout App to your iPhone

Launch Video Chat
- Launch from the IM Window
- Click on video icon - this will create a call
- Bookmark this link - it will always be the same

Video Overview

Up to 15 people
Click on a speaker to hold the screen

Invitation Overview

From Google+

Invite by sending the link

Invite by Calendar Appointment

Gmail Integration 

Hangouts in Gmail 
IM & Video Launch

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