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Forms/Sheets Challenge 1:

  1. Create a Form

  2. Try adding different types of questions

  3. Try adding an image or video

  4. Could you use branching in your Form?

  5. Choose the response destination

  6. How will you share your Form with others?

Forms/Sheets Challenge 2:

  1. Input the link to your live Form into the appropriate Form on this webpage (look below the listed activities)

  2. Find the response sheet with everyone’s form links

  3. Answer at least 3 other teachers’ Forms

  4. Come back to your response Spreadsheet to see your data - how can you analyze it?

Forms/Sheets Challenge 3:

  1. As you create a Form today, try adding an item you have never used before (scale, grid, etc.)

  2. Try creating a Form that utilizes branching and multiple pages

  3. Try Flubaroo! There’s a tutorial on the webpage, and you could grade a Form you’ve already used in the past

  4. Come back to your response Spreadsheet to see your data - how can you analyze it?

  5. On Sheets (you don’t use Forms), try out the Doctopus Add-On

Form/Sheet for Your Forms Created Today:

Form for Form

Form for Form ‎‎‎(Responses)‎‎‎


Real Time Feedback

Get Fancy: Make a Script 
Check out 
sample quiz 
step-by-step to create a Form, create an answer key, insert Flubaroo script 

Manage Student Behavior and Behavior Data
Daily Behavior Data Form 
Weekly Behavior Report Form 
Behavioral and Anecdotal Observations Form 
Safe and Civil Student Survey 
Cyber Safety Parent Survey (Example
Climate Change Culminating Task Outline 
Multimedia Group Project Planning Spreadsheet 
Peer Evaluation Form 
Join an Online School Project Form 
Group Assignment Concept Submission Template 
Group Sorting Form 
Speaking Group Selection Form 
Group Participation Form 
Student Group Welcome Form 

What up-to-date training videos can you find on Youtube?