Calendar & Gmail



Natrona Calendar

Calendar Challenge 1 (Activity One):

  1. Explore Calendar Layout
  2. Adjust your view options (week, month, etc.)
  3. Go to Settings and explore options
  4. Create an Event
  5. Edit Event Details
    1. Set a reminder
    2. Add a location
    3. Invite someone to that event and send an email invitation

Calendar Challenge 2 (Activity Two):

  1. Create a calendar
  2. Customize the calendar
  3. Add an event to that calendar
  4. Invite a partner to your event
  5. Try using a Video Call (Hangout) from that event (in Event Details)
  6. Try embedding your calendar into your GoogleSite
  7. Try out one of the Calendar Labs that looks appealing


              The Tool: 

              Google How-to


              Even More

              Study the 
              Test your skills and become a Gmail Ninja (program & overview)

              Links to Gmail Help Pages:

              The Official Gmail Blog 
              What's new in Gmail
              Gmail Labs

              Activity 1: White Belt 

              1. Compose an email

              2. Insert Drive file into the email

              3. Insert other file (image, calendar invite, etc.) into the email

              4. Create a new label

              5. Manage that label (change color, etc.)

              6. Put emails under that label

              Activity 2: Green Belt 

              1. Try a few keyboard shortcuts

              2. Set up a new filter

              3. Install the Offline App

              4. Activate Labs and enable Canned Responses

              5. Create a new Canned Response

              6. Install Boomerang and/or Rapportive, if you’re interested!

              7. Set up a Task - Click to learn more about Tasks.

              Additional Resources for Gmail:

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