Slides and Drawings

Google Drawing Resources

Drawings Lesson for Educator Exams (Lesson 7)
Drawings Resource (Thanks, Chris Moore)

Slides Basics: Challenge 1:

  1. Create a Presentation
  2. Collaborate with a partner on this Presentation 
  3. Format, Insert text within the Doc

Slides: Challenge 2:

In your presentation:

Natrona Drawing

  1. Comment
  2. Research
  3. Insert and Edit an Image
  4. Insert Video
  5. Insert Transitions/Animations
  6. Change Background, Edit Layout, Create Slide Master

Drawings: Challenge 1:

  1. Create a Drawing
  2. Insert 3 different objects into the Drawing
  3. Adjust the size of the palate
  4. Make something linkable
  5. Try to discover something new!

Google Docs Story Builder


Check out Google Story Builder :) 

It is a fun way to "re-tell" or create a story line by line in first person dialogue.