gTrainer Certification | Becoming a GET

Google Education Trainer Certifications

First Step: Become a Certified Google Educator
  • Pass 4 Exams (Gmail, Calendar, Docs & Drive, Sites)
  • Pass 1 Elective Exam (Choose from: Chrome, Chromebooks, or Tablets with Google Play for Education)
Second Step: Apply to become a Google Education Trainer (GET)

  • Resume of training experience
  • Three training references 
  • Two minute training video
  • Case Study 
Congrats! Make sure to maintain your Google Educator Status every 18 months 

Google Teacher Academy

Natrona Google Education Trainer Certification

Take it a step further, Apply to the Google Teacher Academy (GTA)
  • If accepted you'll become a Google Certified Teacher (GCT) 
  • Two intensely fun days at a Google office with other educators from around the world!