1 hour Chrome Browser Intro

2 hours Google Drive/Docs +Google Forms


Google's mission is to organize the world's information 
and make it universally accessible and useful.

Chrome Browser

Chrome Tips - OR Google summit 13

10 Chrome Apps in 20 mins = 30 Reasons to Love Teaching ORVSD Central Oregon Ed Tech Day 14


Intro to Google Drive:: CTY 6.9.14

Activity #1

Let's Collaborate!
    Join me in this Doc

    Activity #2
        Create a Doc
        Write one way you can start using Docs today
        Insert an image 
        Share with at least one other person
        Comment/Edit on each others Doc

    Activity #3
        Create a Presentation
    • 3 slides
    • Image and text on each slide
      • Summer plans
    • Share and comment
    Forms and Sheets

    Thank you Will Kimbley

    Intro to Google Forms::CTY::6.9.14

    • Activity
      • create form
      • share
      • Sheets
      • share/data
      • collaborate

    Google Drive Apps Helpful links:
    Google Drive Video Tutorials