Google Drive Basics
Key Logistical Questions
  • How to get to my Drive (Screencast)
  • How can I manage my Google Drive files list? (Screencast)
  • Wait! Where are the docs and folders that are shared with me? (Screencast)
  • How to create and share a folder in Google Drive (Screencast)
  • How to find files with Search, Advanced Search, & Sort (Screencast)
  • Can I import my old Office files? (Screencast
  • How about exporting to a PDF or Office file? (Screencast)
  • Upload Settings: To Convert Automatically to Google Docs Format or Confirm First? (Screencast)

Classroom Workflow
  1. Teacher creates an activity / template in Docs, etc.
  2. Teacher then creates an assignment in Classroom.
  3. Students receive that assignment.
  4. When finished they turn it in through Classroom.
  5. Teacher can check to see who has submitted them and can open each document to grade it.
  6. When finished, the teacher can return it to the student.
Key Features
  • Teachers can assign a Google Doc, Presentation, Spreadsheet, Drawing, a link, a YouTube video, an attachment, OR can just give a text description. Plus, you can add multiple items to an assignment.
  • Students can attach additional items to an assignment, including other Docs and links.
  • When students turn in a Doc, editing privileges are revoked for the student. They cannot see comments until the teacher returns it.


Lead Learner
Dan McDowell