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Forms is one of the most useful tools in the Google Apps for Education suite of tools. There are many diverse uses that span from basic data collection to a method to deliver instruction.

This workshop will cover the following:
  • Instructional uses of forms
  • Data validation to provide feedback within a form
  • Add-ons (Autocrat and Flubaroo / SuperQuiz)
  • Additionally, you will create at least three forms throughout the day.
This is only the beginning! How else can you use forms?

Skill Practice
Thesis Statement Practice

And More
  • Choose Your Own Adventure Story
  • Collecting URLs for Web Tool Projects
  • Teacher and Assignment Evaluations
  • Student Government - Submit music, preferences, etc.
  • Social Attitudes in Class
  • Ice Breaker - Fun questions, then project them
  • 81 Ways To Use Forms In The Classroom
  • Collect responses and submit them to Wordle.net (or other word cloud) 
  • Track different tech lessons (or other lessons)
  • Branching Form for PD
  • Autocrat
  • Flubaroo
  • Doctopus and Goobric
  • Create a form!

Forms & Sheets - GWE 2015

Many Faces of Google Forms