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My Maps

In the last couple years, Google Maps has undergone a dramatic transformation. For custom maps, My Maps is now the tool provided by Google. Attributes of this tool include:
  • Ability to share and collaborate
  • Ability to publish
  • Add pins, routes, and more
  • Import spreadsheets of locations
  • View locations in various ways
Link: My Maps

Maps in Use


Choose one or all of the following:
  1. Where are you when you are you in your element?
  2. A place you've always wanted to go
  3. A place where you've eaten your best meal
  4. A place where you've had a great adventure
  5. What is a place you could connect to in your curriculum
Write a short witty phrase about how and why that place is important. Label it with an appropriate icon and add images, text and videos.

Find our collaborative map here.

Creative Commons: Try finding your images here! They are all fair-use!

Intro to Maps and Earth

Google Maps