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Flubaroo is a Google Apps for Education integrated tool that lets you easily grade objective assignments and do in-class assessments.

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Flubaroo Resources:

Flubaroo on Twitter

Richard Byrne's "Google Drive and Documents for Teachers" with information on creating Google Forms beginning on page 53 and information on Flubaroo for creating self–grading multiple choice quizzes on page 58

Important Flubaroo Note:
 Do not sort data in your original spreadsheet as it can compromise the integrity of the spreadsheet data as related to the form (and especially in regard to email addresses remaining correct). Instead, make a copy of the original spreadsheet, then do any desired data sorting in that copy.

Important Note: In the screencasts below, an overview of how to use Flubaroo is presented. Please note that since these were created, Google has changed the way you access Flubaroo to install it. Instead of "installing a script," you access Flubaroo by going to "Add–ons" an pull down to "Get Add–ons." Then you can search for Flubaroo and install it in your Add–ons for access and use.

Forms and Flubaroo Overview, Part 1 of 2

Getting Started with Flubaroo, Part 2 of 2