Drive and Docs

Using Google Drive and Docs
Collaborate with colleagues and students in real time on documents and presentations

Natrona Drive & Docs: 2015

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Docs Resources 

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Drive: Challenge 1 

1. Sort
2. View
3. Details and Visibility 
4. Search in Drive
5. Upload 
6. Upload Settings

Drive: Challenge 2

1. Create a folder

2. Create a sub-folder

3. Create a shared folder

4. Change permissions

5. Color Code folders

Drive: Challenge 3

1. Organize a Doc to multiple folders
2. Share multiple Docs together
3. Set up Drive Offline
4. Set up Drive App for Mac
5. Drive for Mobile Devices

Docs Challenge 1: 

  1. Create a Doc
  2. Collaborate with a partner on this Doc 
  3. Format, Insert text within the Doc
    1. Formatting Challenge Template
      1. (Sample doc for reference)

Docs: Challenge 2: 

In your document:

  1. Comment
  2. Research
  3. Try 2 different Inserting Options
  4. Try using the Web Clipboard or Paint Format tool
  5. Translate the document

Docs: Challenge 3:

In your document:
  1. Create a Table of Contents
  2. Insert Voice Comments
  3. Publish your Doc to the web