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Google Apps for Education (GAFE) 4-Hour “Boot Camp” EDUHSD

Welcome to our GAFE Bootcamp

Here is a Google Apps Resources Doc you can make a copy of or just save the link

My name is Kenneth Durham and my email is kennethmdurham@gmail.com. Let's get started.

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Intro Form for EDUHSD

Intro Form for EDUHSD ‎‎‎‎‎(Responses)‎‎‎‎‎

Around the Horn: Let's share...
  • Name
  • Something you enjoyed this summer
  • Something you want to focus on this school year
Now I want you to Create a Folder in Google Drive and Share it with me
  • When having students create a folder to share with you, it is wise to have them use a standard name convention
    • Name the folder you share with me as follows: Lastname, Firstname (Period 1)
  • My email address is kennethmdurham@gmail.com
  • I have not taught you how to share a folder, but I would like you to see if you can figure it out. If you are sitting next to someone who looks like they know how, it is perfectly fine to ask them if you need help.

Ok, you shared it with me. So what does that look like?
  • Let's take a look
  • Now I'll share a folder with you so you can see what it looks like on your end; I sure hope you all entered your email addresses correctly :)

One way Google Apps for Education can help you

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Guided Practice: Curate Resources for the school year 
  • Share a folder with someone in the room who teaches what you teach (only one person needs to create and share the folder with the others) 
  • Once the folder is shared, one person create a Google Doc and everyone in the group will find resources to add to the Doc that you all can use throughout the school year.
  • Before you get started, let's look at an example of a resource together.

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Google Docs Resources

Google Forms

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Google Forms Question Types

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Forms in the Classroom
  • Getting to know you (beginning of the year)
  • Field Trip Info
  • Formative assessment
  • Book Reviews
  • Survey before and after a lesson/discussion
  • Collect science data
  • Organize groups
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Student feedback
  • Online reading record
  • Find out more about your students' interests
Guided Practice: Create a Form you can use this school year 
  • After you decide what type of Form you will make, sketch it on a sheet of paper before you create it.
  • Share the live link of your form with at least two other people and have them take it.

Google Forms Resources

Google Sheets

Google Sheets Resources

Fun Extras

Self Grading Quiz

Google Sheets Practice Quiz

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