Blogger, Reader, and iGoogle

The Tools:,

The Crib Sheets:  Blogger, Google Reader, iGoogle,

The Presentation

Blogger, Reader, and iGoogle


The Tool:
The Crib Sheet: Blogger in the Classroom [PDF]
A Wiki: Blog If You Love Learning

Blogging in Plain English (From The Common Craft Show)

YouTube Video

 Demo (At )
  • What is a blog?
  • Why blogs in education?

Hands-On With Blogger (See also the Blogger Help documentation.)
  • Posting
    • Create
    • Edit
    • Moderate Comments
  • Settings
    • Basic
    • Publishing
    • Formatting
    • Comments
    • Archiving
    • Site Feed
    • Email
    • Permissions
  • Layout
    • Page Elements (Be sure to check out "Add Page Elements"!)
    • Fonts and Colors
    • Edit HTML (We will remove the Nav bar.)
    • Pick New Template

Extend Blogger with Complimentary Tools


Educational Blogs

Subject Specific Examples

Respond: Leave a comment on
  • How might you use a blog or blogs in your role as an educator?
  • What are your next steps?

Practice: Read, Reflect, Write, Respond...

Better Blogging

  • Engagement and Motivation
  • Context
  • Inquiry
  • Collaboration
  • Reflection and Metacognition


Proactive Strategies
  • Citizen Journalism and Citizen Police Work
  • Legal Protections
  • Safety Tips for Students
  • Safety Tips for Parents
  • Communication and Empathy

  • What do you see as obstacles to your use of blogs in your class?
  • What might you do to overcome these obstacles?

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Activity: Set Up An RSS Aggregator

  • Create an account at Google Reader
  • Subscribe to some edublogs and other feeds. (Not sure what to subscribe to?... Consider subscribing to some of the sample blogs listed above.)
  • Share items with your colleagues and/or students.

Common Craft Video on Google Reader

YouTube Video