Google Learning Institute at The CMSCE, Rutgers University - March 26, 2009
Erica Hartman

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The Activity
Pick one of the 2 following activities:
1. Bucket List Map
A "bucket list" is a list of things/places you want to visit before you expire. On the GLI Bucket List Map, insert a place mark that represents one of your bucket list items. Explain why you chose it and using RTF editing, insert a hyperlink or a picture.

2. Setting of Favorite Novel Map
Do you have a favorite childhood book? Have you read a novel recently that has inspired you? Insert a place mark on this map where the main setting of your novel/book takes place. Using Google Books, hyperlink the place mark to the Google Book entry.

These 2 maps were shared with you at your google account this morning. If you cannot access one of the maps, please ask a Lead Lead Learner.