CUE Membership

CUE membership is included with most GWE events. If your event agenda linked to this page, then membership is included with your event. CUE membership offers many benefits, including a quarterly print journal, OnCUE, the MyCUE suite of free and discount services from educational technology vendors, and much more.

There are three ways to activate your membership completely:
  1. If you signed up via our online registration system, then your membership was created and activated during the registration process. You must be a CUE member to use this system, and if you weren't already a member, then a new membership was added to your registration. To log-in to your account (to make changes or take advantage of benefits), you may visit the login page anytime.
  2. If you registered by check or were registered as part of a "group registration" your account was created for you when the check was received (provided your name and email account were included with the registration). To access your account, visit the login page and click the "Need Password" button. Then click enter your email address and click on the "Email Me New Password" button. Once you receive your new password you can login to your account, complete your account information, and take advantage of benefits.
  3. If you did not register online or pay by check, or if your organization will be invoiced based on your attendance, then no account has been created in your name. To create your account, visit the login page, enter your email address and a desired password, and click the "Create New Account" button. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete and submit your account information. Your account will be activated, but your membership will not be activated until payment is received for your attendance. (Note that your name and email address need to be included with payment for your account to be activated. Usually, your organization takes care of this.) You can then login anytime to make changes or take advantage of benefits.
If you have questions about this process or about your membership, please contact Nicole Crew, Office and Member Coordinator at ncrew(at) or cueinc(at) The Office and Membership Coordinator coordinates all membership and in-office activities of CUE, Inc.   

If you have questions about your workshop, the Google Workshop for Educators, or the CUEtoYOU professional development program, contact Dr. Mark Wagner, Professional Development Coordinator, at mwagner(at)